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I Want You to Read This Before You Add Me to Your Circle

Not Required, But It Would Be Nice. How should I begin? I accept everyone for who they are completely. For example, if your profile picture is literally just your ****, well that's nice and all but I'm not about to excite... [more]
NovakStar has shared 19 Mature Experiences
  • I Think I Am Ugly

    I Believe Everyone Is Beautiful!...except For Myself. I've never caught myself in a moment when I wasn't able to compliment someone for something. I think everyone really shines, and sometimes that shine is just a little hidden in some people. But … [more]
  • I Regret Losing My Virginity

    Crying Before I Ever Touched Him I don't even remeber how this happened exactly. I was crying on his bed, over my ex, who I had cheated on with him. Maybe It wasn't ment to be, but I only felt like it was a mistake. I was only in 9th… [more]
  • I Will Answer Any Question You Dare Ask

    Its Easy Its easy for me to answer any questions at all, of any matter whatsoever. Its easy and its not because its online, because I'll answe anything to anyone, if i know they cannot hurt me. So… [more]
  • I Was Bullied

    Why Me? I was walking along the homeschool dirt track and these guys, they had to be in the game grade I was came up to me. They asked if I liked Weezer and I knew there intentions weren't the greatest. As on… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Stay For You
    The real reason I never plan to go to therapy, to get help, to tell anyone. Is because of you. I can stand to wait a few more years, I've been though this my whole life, a little longer won't hurt. I just can't tell anyone yet. Or I'll have to leave you. But don't feel bad, I just want to stay. The second we leave, I promise I'll get help.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I want to be as perfect as her, I want to be as nice as she can be, I want to be beautiful like her, and effortless, and friendly. I want thoses things because you want them. I like how I am, i like that I'm cold to everyone but you, and did you know you used to like that too? I want to be something you want. Something you really want. I want to be the person you once trusted, I want to be the one making you smile. I don't want to have to be sucking you to be close to you. I want to love you madly. I know things are so hard for us right now, but I'm trying for you Hachiko, I really am. I know you only think of how I cheated on you..I know. I can't ever fix that for you. I can't ever make tha… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    See No Evil Hear No Evil
    I lay back on my bed and watch a dead decaying corpse scream in my face, and I'm crying, "How do I stop this?" I look at every shadow and feel afraid, afriad its someone, something that will hurt me, will rape me, will kill me. I hear the screaming its so loud, and yet so soft I cannot describe it to any other human being. I'm scatching at my skin trying to get the feeling of something crawling off me. I'm paraniod and am slowly destroying myself. I dream of mutilating animals,and its sickens me to my stomach because I love animals so much, I once wanted to be a vet...and yet in my dreams there I am tearing there very flesh off hearing them scream. I can't control it. What's happening to me?… [more]