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Friendly, Fun loving guy who has a great personality. I live in the Hudson Valley Regioln in New York and have 4 amazing kids from 6 months to 13 years old.

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I Am Married

Married But Not Sure For How Much Longer! :( What are rough weekend in the household. Arguing with the wife, shes thinking I am cheating. We are more married to our Iphones than to each other. Been divorce once before and do not want to... [more]
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  • I Am Married

    Wonder If She Loves Me Or Have I Pushed Her Away I've been with my wife for a little over 5 years and over the past few years I feel like she has "lost that loving feeling for me". We have had are ups and downs and arguements here and there. We di… [more]
  • I Want to Hear Your Coming Out Story

    My Brother Came Out This past weekend my brother came out of the closet and for it he got the **** beat out of him. He " roommate" who we all knew was gay and my brother was out drinking and a group of guys were bashing … [more]
  • I Am Married

    Wondering If She Is Up To No Good For the last few months, ive been wondering if my wife has been up to no good. I been having trouble lately believing anything that she says and it has been putting a little damper on our marriage. … [more]
  • I Need Help Financially

    Tired Of Struggling I guess this isn't really a story but more of venting. I am employeed make okay money, married 4 kids and I am tired of living pay check to pay check. 2 of my kids are in day care which we pay almos… [more]