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I Am Still Here

Woman And A Snake on a clod winter day, an old woman strawled the forrest, looking for some branches. as she leand on a side to pull a big one, she noticed a snake. it was lying there helplessly and seriously wounded... [more]
  • I Am Here

    Old Wiseman Story in a small willage there was an old man who was very vise. people would come to see him just to ask him stuff cos he was the only one who knew the answer. in that small place there lived three young f… [more]
  • I Believe In the Supernatural

    Visitor two nights ago. my child woke up and called for me. snucked into his bed and couldn't  fall asleep immediatley. i HEARED some one/thing in the kitchen. didn't get scared although i was alert because … [more]
  • I Am Here

    I Can't Feel Sorrow it is painfull to lose a person dear to you. as a teenager i had relationships.. not many. since i am quite odd person, i usually would be ending my love stories tragicaly. and it would hurt unbearabl… [more]