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Thinking... That's about all. Oh helping people when I feel like (or when they need it).

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Favorite Quote Don't cry because its over, smile because it happend - Dr Seuss.
Horoscope Sagittarius
Special day 12-15
Books Way too many to name. But here are a few... Old magic, Perfect Chemistry, Maximu Ride, Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson and Howl's Moving Castle (and any other interesting adventure/romance books)
Music um... this area defines my personality a bit... all rounder... something that doesn't fit into one category.
Movies Howl's Moving Castle
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Forever and Always by Parachute [more]
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    Embarrassed Mom just petted my head and apologized for being angry and flipping out at me in the morning. It wasn't really her fault though, cause I'm always sloppy about not cleaning my room and leaving clothes … [more]
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    Help I neep help ;_; what carrer do YOU think fits me? (currently taking random carrer tests =_=) Here's a part of some of the results if you wanna read all it to get a better understanding of me....… [more]
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    Stars.. On a clear night I can actually see the stars in the city... It's not so bad after all. ^_^ -happy-… [more]
  • I Have Bad Days

    Today'S One Of Those Days. I feel out of it, Nothing's going as expected. I just wanna curl up in my blanket and never come out. -le sigh- it's amazing, no matter how hard I tried to avoid it, the littlest things got to me. I d… [more]