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I Like Hip Hop and Rap

Grew Up Listening To 2pac I have grown up listening to hip hop,in particular,the artist 2Pac.  I first got introduced to him from a freind aged 12.  From then on,I have always listened to 2Pac.  I find him so... [more]
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  • I Am a Heroin Addict

    My Addiction With Heroin Hi I first tried heroin at a mates flat at 19yrs old!!I am now 24. I was drinking like most young people at the time and one night a few of us were there and one of them pulls a wra… [more]
  • I Love Salvador Dali's Paintings

    Visiting Dali's Museum In Spain. I remember when i visited Salvador Dali's gallery in Spain six years ago and never forget the feeling his works gave me.  Never has an artist left such an impression and given me such … [more]
  • I Have Lost a Beloved Pet

    Arnold The Clever Budgie I was quite shocked when i my dad told me Arnold had died,just never really thought he would depart. Well my father got the budgerigar in 1996,after going to the pet shop 3 times,  whe… [more]
  • I Like It When It Rains

    I Like It When It Rains Well for starters i was born in the city nicknamed "the rainy city" that is good old Manchester! I love being out when it rains,even though a lot of times i have been there when i… [more]