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If you're wondering why I don't look my age, it's because I have a hormonal disorder. Anyway, I'm new to EP, and I need some friends, so feel free to talk to me. :D

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I Wear Goodnites Pullups

I Have To I have to wear Goodnites to bed, and I hate it. I wet the bed because of a hormonal disorder. Apparently there's some hormone that stops your body from producing so much pee at night, and... [more]
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  • I Have Growth Hormone Deficiency

    I Do I have growth hormone deficiency. It's apparently not uncommon, but sometimes I feel so alone. I'm only 4'10", which is pretty short compared to other guys my age. I take gro… [more]
  • I Dont Understand Why People Enjoy Wearing Diapers

    I Thought I Was The Only One! The only one who didn't understand why there were so many diaper experience groups, I mean. I wear diapers for medical reasons, so I joined a lot of the diaper groups on EP, looking to fi… [more]
  • I See No Use For The Bashing Athiests That Are Here

    Both Sides Are Dumb Both sides on the argument are dumb, in my opinion. There's no proof that God exists, but there's no proof that God doesn't exist. Even if you say that, "I don't have to prove a negative, they have to… [more]