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I Have a Dysfunctional Family

My Family Is Insane... My father flew off the handle because my mother woke him up wanting to fight with him at some ungodly hour. My mother says before midnight.... my little sister says after 3:00am... my father just... [more]
  • I Lost My Virginity At 14

    I Guess I Was Lonely... At 14, my parents were never around. My father had a small business that demanded his whole attention, and my mother was a nurse who worked twelve hour shifts regularly. I was a dancer, and had prac… [more]
  • I Still Love My First Love

    Closure? My first love got married last week. It was a shotgun wedding, but I hope that at some point I'll be able to use this to get some sort of closure... She has what I always wanted...… [more]
  • I Still Love My First Love

    I Was Too Young I was 14 when I met my first love, and he is six years older than I am. I know it sounds disgusting to you--a 14 year old and a 20 year old-- but we were together in secret for six years (my parents … [more]
  • I Love Movies

    My Neighbor Totoro So, I'm a product of the 80s, and My Neighbor Totoro came out in my birth year. Years later, I was camping at a friends house. It wasn't really camping. It was a three room tent, and we had an exte… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Pink Post It Notes
    Today at my college, I was in the bookstore returning some unnecessary books when I spotted some pink post it notes on clearance for .50.  On impulse I purchased them.  Everytime I passed a bathroom today, I stopped in and put a post it note on the mirror saying something like "Hey Gorgeous" or "Happy Friday".  I'd gotten the idea out of a book, but never used it... and honestly I hadn't intended to use it until today!  The next time I passed one of the bathrooms that had a post it on the mirror, I saw that someone had put it on the wall outside of the bathroom.  It was really cool :-)… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    Worldbeat radio
    I listen to the worldbeat station on pandora in secret.  It's a pretty sensual station, but my friends think it's lame...… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    The Twilight Saga
    I refused to go see the movies in theaters, but now that they are available at my local library, my husband and I rented them and watched them together... We haven't told anyone except the librarian.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Well, my first love got married.
    And I'm married, but I'm still upset.… [more]