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I Have a Confession

I take it all back. And....the one who threatened a hate crime against me *gasp* that is uncalled for. I seriously don' t know what you want from me. You need to come talk to me to my face so it can... [more]
  • I Love Psychology

    "If It Weren't For You" Game Analysis (2 Handed Game) Roles:  Domineering Husband (Action/metaphorically--back hand to wife)                Restricted Wife (Response/metaphorically--kick in the knee back … [more]
  • I Love Psychology

    Child Ego State  Characteristics of the "Natural Child Ego" Positive: 1. Affectionate 2. Impulsive 3. Sensuous 4. Uncensored 5. Curious N… [more]
  • I Love Psychology

    Parent Ego State People who grow up without a parent tend to have an incomplete PARENT EGO state. Unconsciously they are looking for that missing parent in other people--while some may be even put off by anyone who … [more]
  • I Love Psychology

    Life scripts By the age of eight we have unconsciously chosen our path in life ( life scripts). The environment that we were around up until the age of eight set the foundation for our future. Example: Up … [more]