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I Am a Teacher

Deal With The Devil I have know of you since I was 16. It took me years to meet you in person but fate let it happen. Why did God send me to you? Because I have endured more trauma's than very few men in existence... [more]
  • I Love Psychology

    Child Ego State  Characteristics of the "Natural Child Ego" Positive: 1. Affectionate 2. Impulsive 3. Sensuous 4. Uncensored 5. Curious N… [more]
  • I Love Psychology

    "If It Weren't For You" Game Analysis (2 Handed Game) Roles:  Domineering Husband (Action/metaphorically--back hand to wife)                Restricted Wife (Response/metaphorically--kick in the knee back … [more]
  • I Love Psychology

    Parent Ego State People who grow up without a parent tend to have an incomplete PARENT EGO state. Unconsciously they are looking for that missing parent in other people--while some may be even put off by anyone who … [more]
  • I Love Psychology

    Life scripts By the age of eight we have unconsciously chosen our path in life ( life scripts). The environment that we were around up until the age of eight set the foundation for our future. Example: Up … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Do you want to know the truth of what I feel. I love you very deeply and very passionately but I don't want to because I (((HATE))) loss and goodbye's so I will fight it until I am no longer strong enough to do so or until I take my last breathe which ever comes first.… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Someone who calls someone else USELESS in a mean natured way is self centered and is an abuser type. Beware!!! … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I see alot of comments and confessions about rekindling relationships and i had to throw in my two cents. When you exit a "bad" relationship with someone whether its marriage or lovers and your heart is still hanging on to hope that the relationship will rekindle--it's best to cut your losses right then and just walk away no matter how much it hurts. Reason: Friends and family are going to know some of the details to the relationship and they are NOT going to forget it. If you get back into an intimate relationship with the previous partner it's quiet possible that friends and family on one or both sides will not welcome it and will pull all stops to make sure it doesn't last. That's reality… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    What does make me angry is when people use innocent people even strangers to make someone else jealous like an ex that wants nothing genuine to do with them, especially when they know that the ex is a seriously dangerous person with control and jealousy issues. THAT infuriates me to no end. Who does that?… [more]