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  • all alone with out any help !!!!!!!!!!

    Posted on: February 25th, 2012 at 8:56PM

    hi my name is Araya and i am a teen mom my daughter name is Miya she is 1 years old and we live in a small apartment my parents really want nothing to do with me but now and then they visit Miya . its hard because i work , go to school and take care of Miya , my little girl means the world to me , but no one will help me . Her dad died before she was born . Young girls please if you are having sex be careful this life isnt easy .                                                                                            A stressed out mom … [more]


  • Scared to tell

    Posted on: February 25th, 2012 at 9:09PM

    the silence could drive a person mad and the heartbeat was the only thing that made me feel alive , the rest of me was just cold as i looked at that one word that i knew would change my life forever  PREGNANT , as it now soaked in to the fact that it was true , i slowly sat and my mind went in to a complete spiral of confusion and panick , i knew my parents would kill me and my sister would ( well who knows what she would do ) and as for the father hmm i have no idea what i just got my self into , as the term started i was feeling tired already i mean i am throwing up all the time hardly anything stays down my feet hurt and i have this messed up want of chocolate ice cream with vanilla fudge… [more]


  • Story from New Teen mom ,

    Posted on: February 25th, 2012 at 7:44PM

    after moving in and finally getting every thing unpacked i think i can finally say we are home and we are ready to handle one problem at a time , i am having a bit of trouble because Adam thinks Noah should be sleeping in his nursery but he is my baby i cant let him go yet he means the world to me but after some talking i finally let Adam put him in he crib in the nursery ! the first step , i mean i carried him for nine months i dont want him to be away from me from nine mins and now he has to its a bit scary for me i mean i am a protective mom.   … [more]


  • Mom of twins

    Posted on: February 25th, 2012 at 7:54PM

    TORI and  TYRAOn October 28 th 1995 , Victoria Nicole Vandergile gave birth to these two beautiful twin girls ,Victoria and Tyron Vandergile could wait to show off their girlsthey took pictures of every thing the girls arrived home on November 2nd  1995 at 3 o clock ,still wearing this cute hospital t-shirts .a month and 25 days the girls first Christmas , on 25th of december 1995  the girls are three months old !!!!! they have grown so much and i cant get over how much they have growni feel so good to know my babies are growing stronger and stronger everyday !!!!!i dont know why  but tori is bigger than tyra !!   Tyra got  sick !!!! -_- my poor babyi was so scared .now  the girls are 6 mont… [more]