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I Have a Confession

I said I would not do it. I was NOT going to try to contact him! I effing blew it and sent an email....he stopped replying 3 emails ago, so why did I make a fool of myself simply by sending one... [more]
onwardthruthemuck has shared 2 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Going Through a Divorce Right Now

    Preliminary Hearing Today He came back to town last night to attend this hearing which was nothing more than a fifteen minute formality. A notice of timelines and dates of stuff due. Awkward: we separately but together get the… [more]
  • I Am Getting a Divorce

    Many Firsts This Weekend.... I filed for divorce on Sept. 12 but H wouldn't leave. So, after another blow up fight, I demanded to know when he was finally leaving. He is moving this weekend. Furniture and stuff are being carried … [more]
  • I Am Going Through a Divorce Right Now

    A Phone Call So....he leaves town for a week on business. We are divorcing, he still hasn't left the house, but supposedly plans to next month. He has been out of town for weeks at a time a ba-zillion times in the… [more]
  • I Am Newly Separated

    This Is Actually Civil! I think he really gets it! My attorney and I have been super kind and respectful, it's paying off. The issues are getting handled, things are being divided and responsibility is being owned! He is goi… [more]