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I am an outgoing male. I like dancing, art, music, pool, bowling, soccer. I like puzzles and thinking. I love to make people laugh and often have trouble laughing myself. I love talking to beautiful women and talking about sex.

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I Am Getting a Divorce

Divorce Thoughts I would like to speak from the heart and hopefully someone will believe me. I’m going to start with this. I need to change. I want to be honest. In the past, I have lied, cheated, stolen... [more]
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  • I Am a Very Sexual Person

    The Closest Moment To A One Night Stand I used to work as a waiter and would love flirting with all the girls. Girls rule and yes, I drool over them! Anyways, when I was younger (under 20), an older woman came into the restaur… [more]
  • I Want Someone To Slow Dance With Me

    This Is The Story Of A Girl So I met this girl that is wonderful. She is very pretty and always makes me laugh. A few weeks ago, we did something really spontaneous and spent the evening together cruising around an… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Coward By Nature
    I sometimes feel like I am a coward.  I think that cheating on someone is very much being a coward.  You do not have the nobility to tell the other person how you feel and fight for your happiness.I was a coward.  I am not going to be a coward anymore.  I will fight for the things I want in life and in love.… [more]