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  • Love Confessions

    weird week after you said i love you? join the club..
       I m going to make this short, and im only writing it here because at this point theres no one in real life i  dare mentioning this to.i said i love you , and he didnt. its not  one of those stereotypical things , i really feel it and i usually am the one not sayng it. and later he sent me a really crappy song about  how men  dont need to say it. i dont need songs and ****** videos and links  at this point, just a face to face talk where he  tells me that i havent been imagining the past two years more beautiful thanthey actually were.   i dont expect  happily ever after, or  big corny gestures.  i dont even expect us to be together next year or next month , or tomorrow. love is not someth… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Everyone gets theyre shot at being happy
    Three months ago i wouldnt have dreamed  that something could cloud my day. I pretty much  had anything i wanted, and how i wanted  it. I m one of those people who never complain no matter how things are, but its generally that attitude that gets you where you need to be. ok, this, right now, is suddenly different, and hey, im not sure  how to handle it. Plenty people have it way harder in life  than me,  and im not gonna whine, even now. But this exact moment is usually where you realise how happy you were and  im sure everyone gets that moment.  im sure you all had your happy moment , and if not, youll get there, even if it doesnt last forever. Was youres already here, or did you miss it? … [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    nothing like hormonally unbalanced women
    There is this rule that   no matter how  you act,  at one point or another, a man will come along and judge you only by    what he has learned  women are   from a series of stereotypes, and less from personal experience  .  Arguments may be      plausible when they actually  demonstrate somehing, and not if theyre quoted and put  in the context that makes them   suitable. This whole process  is been going on repeatedly ,  even if i was  a teenager, a child or  a grown woman. no word battle or closing argument can ever  make a discution  permanently ended , since the same subject  persists, even if the participants may change.  So here i stand,  defeated by  these words  : nothing like hormon… [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    The difference between a good theory and a successful application
     know i only been here a little while and  ijust started writing  a LOT more than i thought i would. i seem to  give a lot of advice that i  almost never follow myself. and  if i wouldnt be here , i d never seethe answers  staring at me from the  tip of my tongue.   go ahead and gimme one advice you gave but never followed it youreself . ha!:P… [more]