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I cherish the world by challenges. Without unluck there's no use for happiness.

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I Want Someone to Talk Or Chat With

New Friends On Ep And Fb I have it all pretty good in my so far-life and today I see a glimpse of proud in who I am. But life hasn't treated me well enough to have left enough people in my life that I'd call a friend or even... [more]
  • I Need Some Friends to Chat With

    So Few Left I used to have friends, but life goes on and whatever happens, some of our beloved just wont stay with us throughout our whole lives.┬áTo me, it hurts. Alot, at times.Instead of alwa… [more]
  • I Have Tattoos

    Lots Of. I have a full frontal chestpiece, two fullsleeves (the other's pretty much still building up but almost full), both ankles and calves are tattooed as well. :) I'm planning on gettin Frank from t… [more]
  • I Want to Play a Game

    Huge Fan I think an Amanda tattoo (in the reverse beartrap) tells all about my fanatiscism about Saw movies. my boyfriend bought me an authentical pig mask (<3) and scared the s*** outta me with it, I… [more]
  • I Enjoy Solitude But Hate Loneliness

    Lost So Many To me, being lonely is a wonderful thing and balances the hurry and other hectic schedules in life.I never considder friendship to be about distances or sex, age or whatsoever. I like and … [more]