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Fuck you, i wish i was never born to your abusive ass. I wish you'd get shot

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I Want to Run Away

Is there anybody in the philadelphia metro that wants to run away? Im sick of being abused, violated, ignored, and looked at differently in the negative light because im autistic. I need someone who... [more]
  • I Really Really Need a Best Friend

    Anyone There? I need someone i can call "best friend." Someone i can relate to, chill with, call whenever i need them. Someone i can lean on. Someone that wont reject my opinions or feelings. Someone that is open m… [more]
  • I Am Suffering From Anxiety and Depression

    Im Done. Ive Tried to tell ppl how i feel.I'm ignored. I try to reason with them then they ignore me more. I hate my home, society and myself. I hate being unreasonably labeled. Im gonna slice my vein open if … [more]
  • I Have a Favorite Number

    "68" This number means everything to me. Where ive been. What ive done. Where ill go. Eve. Though my flaws and imperfectness comes with Long term risks, I've done my best to keem myself and this number str… [more]
  • I Want to Run Away

    Run Away Group? Hi I am 15 and fed up with my life and situation. Im in Philly and look to start a run away group here. If anyone is interested please message me.… [more]