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I Want to Share 100 Things About Me

The Most Different "100 Things About Me". I want to tell you, the last time attempted 100 things about me, I pressed the backspace button while typing it and it took me to the previous page, and I lost all of it. Effort in... [more]
  • I Love My Parents

    My Parents. I'm Nothing Without Them.. I guess i've always been a demanding child, and my parents have been really kind to meet them. Even since a child, they've taken me to McDonalds, and they've always bought me a Happy Meal. They would … [more]
  • I Am Still In Love With My Childhood Crush

    She's Still With Me I'm im 10th grade , she's in my class. I really like her. She's been in my class since 2nd grade. We never really used to talk much till 7th grade. We would love talking to each other. 9t… [more]
  • I Have An Innie Belly Button

    Me Too. I too have an Innie Belly Button. Nothing great about mine really. I'm kinda flabby, really really little, so my belly button feels deeper. It's always dirty, disgusting and brown, and … [more]
  • I Am Indian

    I'm A Typical Indian Student I'm 15. I live in Bombay. I am in 10th std. It feels really nice meeting Indians here on EP. Few talks to Indians feels nice, cause EP if filled with foreigners, but too many talks to in… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    Experience Project is "KILLING" Confessions
    With this new EP update, EP is definitely trying to kill confessions. I don't get it, why did they remove it from the top tab? It was nice over there. If I had to give a rating to this update, out of 5 stars, it would be 2.5. I've noticed EP is a HELL LOT faster. But ads have taken quite some space too, and too much importance is being given to Questions and Experiences. Confessions is like the lungs of EP. How can you survive without your lungs? I generally like new changes. I'm probably the only person in the world who gets happy when there's a revamp on Facebook. This is just weird. … [more]
  • Funny Confessions

    Get off my screen Psysic ads
    I'd rather watch PSY  then PSYsic! … [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    My grammar's messed up
    Sometimes I feel like I'm grammatically deficient. Like when I'm trying to post a question on EP or posting an experience, my grammar levels fall dramatically. I start feeling like one of those kids who are illiterate and can't speak English properly. I don't know why that happens to me. It's probably due to the fact that I can't collect all my thoughts and express them properly. Yeah, that definitely has to be the reason. I need time. But I don't. I have to learn the art of collecting these thoughts and expressing them in the right way. Cause whenever I'm typing a story, bits and pieces keep coming in random order. "Oh, I should have mentioned this before. It would have added more sense to … [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Another Valentines Day Gone.
    Well, i've been celebrating Valentines Day single for 15 years straight. Try beating that record! Lol, i'm 15 years old. Being in 10th grade I really thought I had a great shot this year, sadly it did not happen.The girl I like was too busy with her moms' birthday, I was busy with my parents anniversary. Plus she said she wouldn't get into a relationship with me or anyone else right now as she needs to focus on studies. That's dedication towards her dream. Look at me. I dream of working at Google and the best I can do is study 39 seconds without being disturbed automatically. … [more]