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I Want to Make a Difference In the World

Wow ... So I start off my day as any normal day ... with the reminiscing of how terribly my football team is going to lose after playing a terrific game the day before; being saddened that the winningest... [more]
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  • I Wonder About Life

    Well I'm Awake Now ... So was waken up this morning by the screaming and yelling from my little sister and my stepmother (her actual mother) about something her friend has posted on fb ... At least that's what I can hea… [more]
  • I Think Failed Relationships Change People

    Death Of A Relationship ... So two of my best friends who have been together for almost 8 years and married for 2 have just decided to get divorced. I honestly don't know what to say to something like that. It's amazing how … [more]
  • I Have Played Paintball

    Good Times     In my Sophomore year of college, me and a group of my friends were playing with the idea of playing paintball as a group. We were pumped about it for a couple of weeks and even started plannin… [more]
  • I Am Studying Anthropology

    Me Too! I have always been an admirer of those who follow this particular study because most of the people I know who are anthropologist tend to be so knowledgeable of the world around them. They are taught t… [more]