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RIP Barb you will be missed don't think trivia will be the same without you!

I am a tender hearted animal lover who refuses to let cruelty slide by. I may be tender but please don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I have the right to live my life and make mistakes and learn from them.

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I Am On Anti Depressants

I Started This Group Because I Am Tired Of Telling Me I Should Not Be On Them I started this group because I am so tired of people telling me that I should not be on them. I want this to be a place where people on anti depressants can come and talk about them and we will... [more]
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  • I Was Raped Bymy Husband

    I Was Raped By My Husband I am a greatful survivor of marital rape. I didn't call the cops because back in 1986 they never prosecuted marital rape. If you have questions for me please feel free to ask me!!… [more]
  • I Am The Other Woman

    I Did Have An Emotional Affair I was in abusive marriage and I was 20 years old my best friend Jeff lived out of ┬ástate and he was the only one i trusted to tell that I was abused. He always seemed to know when I was being hit and… [more]
  • I Was Disowned By My Family

    My Sister Disowned Me Since my parents have both died my sister is the only family I have here in Ohio. She is 44 and I am 45 and we have never been really close. In October my son beat the hell out of me and my sister bla… [more]
  • I Doubt Myself

    I Don't Feel Like I Matter To Anyone I doubt myself all the time. I know I am not as smart as my sister nor will I ever be able to work like my sister does. I think I compare myself to her because it has been that way since the day… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Just shut up if you don't know what you are talking about
    What a douche bag you proved yourself to be. Nothing a rape survivor does makes her ask for it. You knew that would be the one thing you could say to get under my  skin well  you did it.  So in your thinking all women who put themselves in dangerous situations asked to get raped? So in your line of thinking  because my husband was my rapist I asked for it because I was married to him.  I said  No and that should have been the end of it. I didn't ask for be so emotionally devastated by his violence. In your ignorance you make yourself look like a horse's ***. So make sure you know what you are talking about before you say it. It would make you look better then you do now.… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    To The little boy who killed our cat
    Did you know you broke my heart when you killed her. I hope karma treats you as harshly as you treated  our precious last night. You are an evil child. You think it is okay to do what you did and you think you won't be watched. Well you are being watched by the cops. You don't even know how angry I am at you . I am an animal lover and I am so glad you didn't show up to see your handiwork. Wyatt did and he was poking it with a stick to see if it was still alive. It wasn't. I hope you are proud of yourself. I hope Karma gets you. Precious needs justice.… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I used to cut mnysel
    I was what is known as being a cutter. I would cut to relieve my pain because nothing else would. Plus cutting was a way too hurt only myself. I stopped cutting becaue it wssn't relieving the pain like it used to plus I realized that I was going to really hurt myself if I continued. But I never told anyone I was a cutter execpt my therapist. It was so shameful becaue no one can understand why a cutter cuts. I haven't cut in 4 years because I have made the concious decision to do so. What would start me to cut would be something major but I think I sill would not do it because the physical pain isn't worth it to me anymore.… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I am struggling
    I am struggling with the fact that my son hurt me the way he did. I cry and cry because I can't fathom why he chose to beat the heck out of me the way he did, Because of his actions he lost me but in turn I have lost what family I have left. I  am handling this alone except for my best friend. What I would not give to not have had this happen to me. I would love to have a healthy relationship with him but he is so mad at me because I am making him be held accountable for his actions. I can't eat and I can't sleep and I just worry that I will never ever see him again . I just don't know how to deal with all of these emotions. They scare me too much!… [more]
  • Got bad news yesterday

    Posted on: April 23rd, 2011 at 12:55PM

    My niece Alyssa has ulcerative colitis so bad she had to  have her entire colon removed. She had the surgery last christmas  and my sister and I were only told about it yesterday and it kinds of miffs my ***. They are going to try and rebuild he colon so she doesn't have to use the bag. She is only 20 years old and she shouldn't have to go through this. I keep thinking that she may never have a normal life. This is a test of faith for them unlike any other they have ever faced even with all of my sisters problems. I don't know how  to make sense of any of this at all. I just wish she will be alright. This is so mind blowing for me .My mood: somewhat bewildered… [more]


  • Kimmy

    Posted on: January 24th, 2012 at 10:59PM

    My name is Kim. I am a Stage IV breast cancer patient. There is no cure. I am a fighter. I vow to go out on my terms. I am a mother of two beautiful teenage boys who are facing some of life's hardest challenges. I vow to be here, to see them through high school and onto their next path. Five years, i'm sure I'll want longer. God's will. I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a cousin, an aunt and a friend. I promise to fight for you as well. My friends pain and nausea seem to be winning the battle but they will not win the war. I'll fight harder. I am a Christian. My journey home has begun. Every day must be treated as a gift. There is no going back for me. No do overs. I don't complain. I love … [more]


  • There is alot to say to you

    Posted on: April 25th, 2011 at 4:06PM

    there is so much I have to say to you because if I don't say it to you I will expolde. You are my sister and I am supposed to love you but your actions have proved to me other wise. Your mother tormented mommy all because she was with dad. She never let dad forget it. Do you realize how greedy your mom was. She got alimony from dad from the day I was born until Sue was out of high school even knowing  you were taking food and clothing out of our mouths. You stand up for your mother when you don't know all the facts. I lived in the house where the tension between your mom and dad. I hated your mom because  so much pain to all of us. I am tired of your attitude toward the fact that  we are all… [more]


  • Where is love?

    Posted on: December 2nd, 2011 at 4:37PM

    I have been so closed off and emotionally  dead for along time and I am starting to wonder weather or not love will ever come to me. I have been hurt so much for so long I have forgotten what it is like to be treated well. I honestly wonder what I would feel like if I was treated decent;y by a man. I would not know how to react to be honest with you.The one thing that deadened me emotionally was my marriage. It taught me that I could trust one one both my husband and my best  friend. I just saw her the other day and she wanted to talk to me and I just could  not do it because I can't understand her at all. You never think a friend would do that to someone you claim to love and be friends wit… [more]