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Federico García Lorca Quote... Poesía es la unión de dos palabras que uno nunca supuso que pudieran juntarse, y que forman algo así como un misterio. [more]
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  • I Am So Confused About Life

    Life... Life... Life it is confusing, rough, and twisted; but can also be beautiful -so beautiful Every single one of us has a destined road -imposed by the ancient one, yet, I believe paths can b… [more]
  • I Will Generate The Nonsence

    A Not So Severe Case Of Disorganized Schizophrenia I’m Jim –just Jim- …it’s not too bad, live on a Mental Institution -with time you get use to it. You see, I like Cynthia! She is the best nurse I ever meted; she is also r… [more]
  • I Took The 41 Question Personality Test

    I Took The 41 Question Personality Test Your personality type: "Harmony-seeking Idealist" Quietly forceful, original and sensitive. Tend to stick to things until they are done. Extremely intuitive about people and concerned for… [more]
  • I Wtk Your Native American Name

    My Native American Name Your Native American Name Is: Chista Keezheekoni Your name means: Fair Burning Fire... I love it! … [more]