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  • a little American
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Books real ones haha so any really more history than fantasy/sci-fi
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I Have a Confession

throughout my life (no matter what it is i'm doing) it seems like i have these high expectations that people seem to hold me to, and i have to confess that rarely do i try my hardest or best to try... [more]
papasmerf21 has shared 35 Mature Experiences
  • I Play Video Games

    At 24 Years Old I'm Not Ashamed To Say I Still Play Them... while i don't play like i used to (all day sometimes like 2 days straight without sleeping when i was like 13 during the summer with friends lol) but i grew up playing them as something t… [more]
  • I Have Been Caught Pleasuring Myself

    Sorry Mom And Rest Of Family... and the dog that probably had a hard time sleeping as i was getting myself off haha but if you hear me up on the computer downstairs late at night...what do you honestly expect to find wh… [more]
  • I Believe Strange Things Will Happen In 2012

    Not Sure Exactly What Tho... the mayans never predicted the end of all life on earth just the end of the calendar and the start of a new one...which is significant to them, at least was in their culture as it only happens so ofte… [more]
  • I Have Had a Panic Attack

    Mine Was Self Inflicted... i smoked way too much marijuana that day and was super paranoid and yeah just freaked out and like forgot to how to breathe there for a second lol although its not funny or cool at all!! … [more]