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Im an aspiring actress/singer it has been my dream since I can remember , I am somewhat emotional but im a positive person and deal with things pretty well. I wanted to be on this site because there are just things I just cant explian to my friends and family because itd be too much for them or they wouldnt understand. I am very confident in my looks although if I dont quit smoking soon my looks will go down hill lol I am 100 percent inependent , I love love but I am not looking for anything serious until I become rich and more settled . so single for now :) Thats all i can say for now i guess thanks for reading :)

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I Love Hot Guys

This guy says he's kind of a personal trainer but not rlly but says he'll get his friend to help me with it , but I originally asked him if he was a personal trainer that's what he called me about an... [more]
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  • I Have Been Groped In Public

    Some Creepy Guy grabbe my *** right after i hopped off the subway he said hey babay and grabbe my *** i screamed so loud and ran up the stairs !!! ugh :( it makes me so mad just thinking of it. … [more]
  • I Have Psychic Abilities

    So I Made A Mistake With This Guy .. Feeling pretty bad about the mistake I made with this guy i embarassed him infront of his friends when i was drunk and was acting like maniac. Anyways i was feeling really bad about it before i went … [more]
  • I Have Psychic Abilities

    Just Curious Once a really good psychic had told me that sometimes when you have anxiety an get panic attacks it can lead to a vision , sometimes its just bad feelings you get but sometimes it an lead to something… [more]
  • I Want to Quit Smoking

    I Will Miss It So Much :( <3 Belmonts. Ciggerettes , they are there for me when I cry they are there for me when I am happy, when im excite when im bored etc!  I will miss them so much :( but i know and can tell it ruining my teeth a litt… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    feel like a *****
    I broke.up.with my ****** emotionally and.mentally abusive boyfriend.thre days before.his bday and.i completr **** that i did it.before his bday i just wanted have a good bday and.i.knew that if we wed juat be arguing.on his.bday so trchnically i was being curteous. Hes so mean yo me and i feel like **** fo doi.g that but i still feel like **** for the way he treated me i just want tese wounds to heal. Was he an evil force or was it spose a lesson.learned.iunno im.sick.of dating.guys who granted and use me for my body and.looks why cpuldnt he just aclove me for who i me it.the guys im.picking or is it me ? I.feel… [more]
  • Embarrassing Confessions

    am.i horrible . ? not sure
    I have a bf who doesnt spend good quality time with me and i live in a shelter. Anyways poiint being ive become attravted to one.of the staff here again who ive known.since before my bf and liked him before i met my bf but now im.attracted to him again how will i know its mutual? Im attravted cause hes caring and smart amd cute and tall and very strong . My bf is these tjhings but my bf doesnt act like he cares anout important life things. Maybe the giy i like.js older so hes more matyre but hes always staring at me and always saying my name in a cute flirty wa and he talks to me sometimes and laughs aty jokes etc not sure. :s why do i like this guy when i claim to love my bf ? Is it cause t… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    held it in.for so long...
    So i tried to let little things not bug me and id let then slide and now im bawling my eyes out ... I try not to care about what people do to me or say yet inside it hurts so bad ecentually cuz i find out i really do care no matter hoe hard i try i cant not care about people who.i shiuldnt even care about...… [more]