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I believe in love, its powerful, it can move many mountains. Miracles happen when you love!
I'm straight, so please respect it and don't ask..
I picked my name due to my grandsons hair, hes only six months old. It holds no sexual meaning. I'm a volunteer here, that's why i welcomed you.

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I Live In Oregon

Been Here All My Life My family moved here from Louisiana when i was about 8 yrs old. I've lived here ever since. My children live here as well, I've grown so attached to it i don't know if i could leave. I live in NE... [more]
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    I Have Short Stature Marfan's Syndrome I'm barely 5'2 the height fluctuates between 4'4 to 5'2 , i have a pigeon chest, a hernia heart murmur, scoliosis, spina bifida kyphosis of the spine. I was born with the (hidden) marfans, it happen t… [more]
  • I Need Someone to Talk to

    My Mother In Law, The German Dictator She's one of those people who thinks nobody's good enough for her son, and my husband is whipped by her. Yes a mama's boy. She thought she had the right to know about my marriage, to me it's none of h… [more]
  • I Will Never Give Up On Love, No Matter How Much It Can Hurt

    Narcissistic Damage For 15 years my ex had convinced me that the problems were with me, that i had somehow destroyed everything due to my actions and choices. It drove me into isolation and┬ádespair. I began self loathin… [more]
  • I Am Christian

    You Will Be Persecuted For My Name Sake Christ Told His Disciples Do you love me Christ continually asked his disciples - yes lord i love you they answered, then watch my sheep he replied. We don't try to find the devoted Christians we are in search for the lost, fo… [more]