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A walking contradiction. I dislike drama queens, but can be dramatic. I dislike having to give up on something, but sometimes do. I dislike people who overreact, but sometimes, I do too.<br /><br />
Always there for my friends - new and old, all the same - no matter what. Being a therapist for others has become a regular hobby.<br /><br />
I suck at taking care of myself, and I know it. I always put those I care of first.<br /><br />
I have a messed up family life, and can\'t wait to get out. I\'m good on my own, yet can\'t live without my loved ones.<br /><br />
Filled with passion, caring and creativity. I always do my best. I love dancing, music, reading, being with friends, travelling, and being outdoors. And EP, of course.<br /><br />
I\'m whacky, clumsy, and a wee bit crazy - and not afraid to admit so. :3<br /><br />
I respect people with values, people who are the good fighters in life, and people with proper grammar.<br /><br />
I believe in sharing knowledge, advice, and I don\'t believe in dieties. Never have - never will. Try to push religion down my throat and I throw you out like a bag of garbage.<br /><br />
I trust easily, yet I\'m not naïve. Kiddiiiing, I can be super naïve. <br /><br />
I am a surviver of life and the **** it throws at me.<br /><br />
I am random, muahah.

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  • 100% Norwegian
  • and a little Croatian
  • and a little Bosniak
Vices Eeehh..I\'ll let you know when I find out what that means.
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Books All kinds of literature really. Well, any book that is so good I can\'t stop reading lol Marian Keyes is an all time fave.
Music Uhmm..I can take pretty much anything, but listen mostly to rock and indie groups. I can take a little of anything though! =P
Movies Many, many movies! Disney classics and Pixar movies never fail to amuse me. LOL.
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I Need Help Now

Yes - From You Guys. Sooo..... lately I've come more and more to the realization that I SUCK at taking care of myself and I'm crap at seeing the good things about, well - me. I couldn't compliment myself if my life... [more]
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  • I Am Norwegian

    The Norwegian Constitutional Day!!! The Norwegian Constitution Day is the National Day of Norway and is an official national holiday observed on May 17 each year. Among Norwegians, the day is referred to simply as syttende mai (meaning … [more]
  • I Thought About You Today

    I Did, And It Made Me Smile =) I thought about you today. You were the first to cross my mind as I woke up. And you never leave either, you're always present in my thoughs. Thought about the times we've spen… [more]
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    *drooools* My school...... Is PACKED with them =D=D=D Nomnom<3… [more]
  • I Used to Be Beaten When I Was Young

    I Lay There Wondering Why. When I was younger, my mom and dad would beat me. Mostly mom, though. She'd do it whenever I made little mistakes, completely normal mistakes, or if she'd had a bad day. For some reason she took it ou… [more]
  • Some random thoughts on evolution and religion =P

    Posted on: October 1st, 2010 at 9:45AM

    I had a very pleasant conversation with a teacher at school today. We have pretty much the same beliefs, we both support Darwin's theory and both enjoy discussing these things. We came to some interesting conclusion neither of us had really thought about before, and agreed on several things God is said to be almighty, right? Well...being almighty, he would be able to create a rock so big he couldn't lift it up. But being almighty, you should also be able to lift this rock, no matter the size. It doesn't add up! Being almighty, able to do anything, goes against itself, the whole concept of 'doing anything' is impossible. If any religious people has some explanation to this, I'd like to hear… [more]



    Posted on: May 21st, 2011 at 10:34AM

    I just discovered I've been a member of EP for one year and a week!!!! MY GOD!!!! A YEEEAAARR!!!!!!! O________O SO, to celebrate, I think I'ma a do a shout-out vlog to you guys, as soon as I get the chance =D ---------------------------------------- EDIT: So, as there are so many awesome people on here, I had to actually make a list of who to put in the vid xD I'll try to make it this coming week, I just gotta do it when no one's home, cause, well, people'll start wondering if they suddenly hear me going off in English XD… [more]


  • Mini Houdini!!

    Posted on: September 2nd, 2010 at 12:24AM

    My baby rat, Molly, got out of her cage yesterday x] The top of the cage is really tall, yet she manages to jump from the bottom, and all the way up to grab the top lid. She then pulls through and jumps out. I had luckily closed my room so she didn't get out of there, but she had somehow gotten to several of the top shelves, chewed up some stuff, and thrown a whole pile of things on the floor XD So now we've secured the cage...again..and this time I don't think it's even possible for her to get out. So her new nick name is now...Mini Houdini =P… [more]


  • My pet rat is crawling up my arm...

    Posted on: August 8th, 2010 at 2:02AM

    Okay, so yesterday I got a pet rat, though she's so small she looks like a mouse. I got her as a pre-birthday gift. And at the moment she's crawling up my arm - funny feeling, I must say - making it kinda hard to write haha^^ Haven't found a name yet though, any suggestions?… [more]