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About A walking contradiction. I dislike drama queens, but can be dramatic. I dislike having to give up on something, but sometimes do. I dislike people who overreact, but sometimes, I do too.<br /><br /> Always there for my friends - new and old, all the same - no matter what. Being a therapist for others has become a regular hobby.<br /><br /> I suck at taking care of myself, and I know it. I always put those I care of first.<br /><br /> I have a messed up family life, and can\'t wait to get out. I\'m good on my own, yet can\'t live without my loved ones.<br /><br /> Filled with passion, caring and creativity. I always do my best. I love dancing, music, reading, being with friends, travelling, and being outdoors. And EP, of course.<br /><br /> I\'m whacky, clumsy, and a wee bit crazy - and not afraid to admit so. :3<br /><br /> I respect people with values, people who are the good fighters in life, and people with proper grammar.<br /><br /> I believe in sharing knowledge, advice, and I don\'t believe in dieties. Never have - never will. Try to push religion down my throat and I throw you out like a bag of garbage.<br /><br /> I trust easily, yet I\'m not naïve. Kiddiiiing, I can be super naïve. <br /><br /> I am a surviver of life and the **** it throws at me.<br /><br /> I am random, muahah.
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  • 100% Norwegian
  • and a little Croatian
  • and a little Bosniak
Vices Eeehh..I\'ll let you know when I find out what that means.
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Books All kinds of literature really. Well, any book that is so good I can\'t stop reading lol Marian Keyes is an all time fave.
Music Uhmm..I can take pretty much anything, but listen mostly to rock and indie groups. I can take a little of anything though! =P
Movies Many, many movies! Disney classics and Pixar movies never fail to amuse me. LOL.
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