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dont dry urself after a bath.... noi noi .. its not for me.. its for ur good

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I Never Wanted This

I never thought that this would happen... I came here to be myself but i m behaving like someone else ... Some sort of different self and i don't like it.... I m just the opposite of what people see... [more]
  • I Know Money Is Everything

    Boy: i have a lot of money ............ girl: i love u boy: i was joking girl: i wasted my time ☹… [more]
  • I Cant Believe Its Happening To Me

    I cant believe i m changing... I m not rude anymore... Why the hell i feel good after hearing peaceful songs.... :( Why i don't get angry ..... Why the hell people call me funny... I m not going in th… [more]
  • I Cant Believe That My Brother Is Dead

    Though he was my cousin but he was a nice brother to me... He was always about roaming after girls nd giving me tips on how to propose them.... The hell is he drowned saving a person ..... He was a ni… [more]
  • I M Feeling Annoyed

    I msg to so many people but no one replies . R they soooo busy that they can't even say hi????? i need someone who can actually chat with me😊… [more]