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I am a happy combination of guy and girl. I love girlie clothing like kneesocks, pink nail colour and apostrophes. Always happy to chat with people who have similar interests, or who admire girlie guys. I like exploring new things too which is what is great about this place - so many new experiences to try.

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Books I am working my way through 20th Centuary classics, but have a taken a big detour into Twilight land - and love it!
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I Am A Male Who Wears Mary Jane Shoes

No wonder girls end up being so interested in shoes, they have such lovely ones to choose from. I remember wearing brown sandals to school with my uniform, but I didn't get to wear the pretty shiny... [more]
pelerine has shared 26 Mature Experiences
  • I Like to Shave My Legs

    Wow, Finally My Legs Are Hairless After much agonising and working up to it, I finally removed all the hair from my legs today. I waxed them in the end, and the sting followed by the first sight of each section without hair was so sen… [more]
  • I Love Wearing Shorts In The Winter

    More Attention In The Winter I do love wearing shorts in the winter. I do it because I like the sensation of freedom, and the heightened sensations of temperatures and air movement. I also like that it is an expression of my … [more]
  • I Paint My Nails

    I Don't Want To Miss Out On This Form Of expression I like being able to choose what I wear from the range of choices available to both guys and girls, not because I am a wannabe girl, but because I like wearing skirts, camitops, hotpants or whatever s… [more]
  • I Don't Care If Your Gay Or Straight Or Bi

    I am hoping that these labels are gradually disappearing. These days it is so much more acceptible for people to experiment with loving of their own sex. If you are a guy, and sometimes enjoy other gu… [more]