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I Have a Facebook

Blocked Or Not. ok so i recently broke up with my boyfriend and we decided to unfriend eachother and then he blocked me, i couldn't find him on fb at all. then the other day, i typed in the first letter of his name... [more]
  • I Believe In Ghosts

    Chat Roulette, Ghost Experience.... ¬†Although I do know a lot ghost stories from friends, none had ever happened to me. Until this.¬†I was hanging out with my friend, he still lived at home with his mum. We were exchanging … [more]
  • I Like Astrology

    Which One Are You? Came across this and it made me laugh. Your F***ing Horoscope. Aries- Selfish Pr*ck Taurus- Stubborn ***hole Gemini-Annoying attention-wh*re Cancer- Moody J… [more]
  • I Am Tired of Helping People Who Hurt Me

    Don't Trust Anyone. Basically, I moved to England for around 6 months. I came back to Ireland ( where I'm from ), I came to visit my friends, and they'd just made friends with this girl, who was a lot younger tha… [more]
  • I Have a Dog

    >__> I used to think I was a dog up until the age of 7.... True story. Kinda embarrassing. (:… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Milky bastuuurrrd!
    I confess! I love milk!I love it, I love everything about it... Cold, white milky milkyness! No semi-skimmed or skimmed or low fat, not any of that bullshiiit shiiittty rubbish fake milk, gimme all that fat, gimme all that milky full fat milky goodness! I'm a milky bastuurrd... milk everywhere! No sipping!!! there's no sipping involved... I gulp that stuff down, a whole pint in seconds, it's gone... pour another pint, GONE! Miiiiiilkkkk. MILK. MAAAAAAALLK! MOLLLLLLLLK! So yes, I enjoy a nice glass of cold milk every now and then. :)… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Why you no confess...?
    I confess that i think you guys should confess that most of your 'confessions' that you 'confess' aren't actually confessions and you're not confessing! … [more]
  • Health Confessions

    my life is so hard. you think you've got it bad? wait until you hear my story, then you'll know what HARD is. everyday for the passed three days, i have woken up and there it is... it won't go away!!! constantly in my face... or on my face. every single morning i try to get rid of it and i just can't!!!!! IT'S HUGE! it makes me ugly! it makes me sad and depressed. IT MAKES MY BOYFRIEND LAUGH AT MEEEEEE!! I hate this f*cking stupid SPOT.i'm writing a suicide note. GOODBYE!!!… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Woman and man.
    I am angry. Yet I cannot express it.You are sorry. Yet for what you do not know.I tell you to forget it. You are relieved.I am still angry. Yet you are oblivious.I express my anger. You express yours.I am sorry. You are forgiving.I am still angry. You are confused to why I am angry.Now I am confused to why I am angry.… [more]