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I Am Christian

Broken Rites - A Tribute The decalogue forbits all forms of extra-marital sex, But concupiscence is always there the souls of men to vex. Yet clergy and religious both... [more]
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  • I Live In a Sexless Marriage

    Intimacy And The Narcissistic Spouse You wonder how the hell you got into this mess.  Why didn't you see this coming?  What are you doing so wrong?  No matter how hard you try, it is never good enough.  Your life feels out of control… [more]
  • I Am Christian (roman Catholic)

    A Priest Who Saw Heaven, Hell And Purgatory Fr Jose Maniyangat is currently the pastor of St. Mary's Mother of Mercy Catholic Church in Maclenny, Florida.  Here is his personal testimony: I was born on July 16, 1949 in Ker… [more]
  • I Love Saints

    St Tarcisius, Martyr Of The Eucharist Tarcisius was a 12 year old Christian during the persecution of Valerian.  The Christians would have Mass in the catacombs, entered by secret entrances on the outskirts of Rome.… [more]
  • I Hate Workplace Bullying

    The Scourge Of Workplace Bullying It is perpetrated by people who feel threatened by others. They feel they have a certain position in the workplace and when someone comes along who seems more competent or more intelligent, it becomes… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Some Recent Bad News
    After my back surgery my pain was much relieved, but following my knee surgery, and especially after I started walking properly on my new knee, the pain in my lower back returned.  I also noticed my left leg going numb after I had been walking for ten minutes.  Over the weeks the symptoms worsened; the pain was definitely a pinched nerve and prevented me from being able to lie flat on my back.  The numbness would happen after being on my feet for just five minutes or even when sitting down.  Now it is almost constantly numb.  I phoned my neurosurgeon who ordered a post - op MRI.  The scans show a new development - a facet joint cyst in L4 - L5.  The cyst is rapidly growing and pressing on th… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    I Have Had Enough
    I apologise in advance for my lack of courage and that I am venting like this instead of being more stoic.  But I have had enough; I have reached my limit.  I feel like I can't take any more.  I am really, really tired, having had little sleep this past week.  I am exhausted by troubles on every front.  I am dreading going to work tomorrow; I am dreading coming home from work.  I am sick of my son's specialists phoning me at work while I'm teaching.  Right now, what I would like, is just a week where everyone is healthy and well behaved.  I have two little boys in my class who want to get expelled and are doing everything possible to hasten that move.  it is a nightmare.  My son has been in … [more]
  • Towards Understanding the Message of Garabandal Chapter 21: THINK ABOUT THE PASSION OF JESUS

    Posted on: December 24th, 2010 at 10:29PM

    This is the last sentence in the Second Message and therefore this will be the last chapter I post on this subjectJust as Our Lord's last wish on the cross was, "Behold your mother", so Our Lady's last wish is, "Think about the Passion of Jesus."Here we we see the great secret of Mary.  If we say, "Mary", she says, "Jesus".  Marian devotion has nothing to do whatsoever with honouring Mary for her own sake.  Mary never lived for herself, not even for one second.  And no matter how holy we are, how much we think we love God, not one single one of us loves Him as much as Mary does.  Honouring Mary is the sublimest way to honour God.  Whatever we give to her she immediately gives to Him, and wha… [more]


  • Converted by Our Lady

    Posted on: November 16th, 2010 at 6:19AM

    In 1975 I was fourteen years old and miserable. We lived in an attractive modern home in a middle class Sydney North Shore suburb. Materially, life was reasonably comfortable. We were fed and clothed, lived in a good area and had plenty to do. But spiritually and emotionally I felt like I was living in a black hole. I am not going to whinge about my dear family, and they are all very dear to me. In those days, we didn't have our act together. Any one of us could look back and say, we could have done things better. We could have had more time, more understanding, more consideration and more respect for one another. I would go so far as to say that in those days we were dysfunctional… [more]


  • Getting to Goal Weight day 314: Crashing Down to Reality With a Thud

    Posted on: October 27th, 2010 at 1:40AM

    October 27, 2010 Crashing down to reality with a thud is what I have had to do a lot of lately. It seems my capacity for self deception knows no bounds. In this case, my GP had obtained a copy of my latest MRI report. The word "severe" did not occur once in it. There was no apparent deterioration. So I kidded myself that things weren't that bad; my Neurosurgeon was catastrophising. But there was the latest MRI staring me in the face from the computer screen. And my Neurosurgeon has taught me to read my scans. As he compared the images with the report he shook his head and said, "This is very naughty. This is severe canal stenosis." And he wrote my last remaining options on paper a… [more]


  • A Year to Goal Weight day 29: Listen to What Your Body Tells You

    Posted on: January 24th, 2010 at 4:11PM

    January 25, 2010337 days to goweight: 89.0 kgtotal weight loss: 2.5 kgCan you believe it? I can't! I fully expected to drop at least 1/2 kg today and instead I gained 1/2 kg. As I said before, an unexpected gain is usually due to fluid retention. So what happened yesterday that caused the fluid retention?The only thing I can think of is that I had a slice of pasta dura bread, and when I ate it, I thought, "My word this is salty." It's probably not just that but a combination of things, like the gravy I had on my meat. Too much sodium for me.In a situation like this, I think it is helpful to listen to what your body is trying to tell you. I have a funny, salty, metallic taste in my … [more]