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Oh? So i'm boring and you think i don;t want to do anything fun? Is breaking your nose fun? I think so :)

I am but too great to be Described within such a small box...

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I Am Multiple

I Have Found Help I am part of a multiple system. Of course, being the narcissist that I am, this truly only adds to my problems. But, we have all found help. There is an online community for people like... [more]
  • I Am a Narcissist

    Narcassistic Rage. I am a Narcassist. I have been from a very young age, cast out and finding myself as the only possible being to turn too, I only love myself, think of myself, and provide for myself. Over… [more]
  • I Am Going to Therapy

    My Therapist Therapy is new to me. For the many years I have had Narcassism and Narcassitic rage, I've never brought myself to therapy. My therapist is kind. He treats me with dignity, which strokes m… [more]
  • I Am Worried About My Best Friend

    He Dosen't Believe I Can Worry, But I Do. My best friend and I have known each other for a very long time. He lives in the same community as me and many of my other close friends. He helps watch me when I need it. I have Narcassitic rage and … [more]
  • I Can Deal With the Fact I'll Never Be Normal

    Normalicy, In My White Walled Opinion. Normalicy is like haveing a white wall. Almost every house, buisness, school, or building has white walls. Well, I have taken a string and a tuba of all tools and have somehow painted th… [more]