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I don't know what I'm searching for but I haven't found it yet, that's for sure :D

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I Hurt Someone That I Cared About

In Love With A Friend Years ago, I have participated in a youth exchange program and I did some voluntary work in a foreign country.There was a nice group of international volunteers living a working together. That... [more]
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  • I Tend to Isolate Myself

    My Story About Isolation I guess it started even before I was born; my parents aren't very social, they never had many friends or a large family. My brother was born shortly after me so I stay at home with my moth… [more]
  • I Might Have Asperger's Syndrome

    Surprising ... I didn't know much about Asperger syndrome until this day. But I have read a few articles today and filled out several online tests - all of them said that I'm very likely an aspie ...… [more]
  • I Feel Like a Failure Sometimes

    Sometimes ... I shouldn't feel like a failure. I had some miserable periods but overall, I had a fairly decent life so far.But I'm still unable to be happy with my success, I can see only my failures.… [more]
  • I Need a Hug

    Emotional Rollercoaster It's been said that a person needs 4 hugs per day on average to feel happy.For about 20 years I never get a hug.Not from my family, not from my non-existing friends nor from the girl… [more]