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i,m compationate man and in a sexless marrage. i,m senitive and i,m a flirt.i make people smile and laugh. i don,t like men abuseing there girlfriends or wifes i use my heart i don,t drink or smoke,i beleven in the sprit world but i,m not a church person. i love animals like dogs cats and wild.animalsi,m a good listener but i spell bad but i,m not the worse i take every ones answers serously i,m not an expert but i do have personal expertance of have an abousive child hood so i can see were people are comming form i use my heart more then my brain or down there. i try my best to help. i love whales and the oceans

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I Enjoy Writing and Sharing Poetry With Others

My Life i,m a former undefeted powerliftter national champion as of 2003to2009 i started in 1999 any ways the real me like to be compationate and i,m a person who love to do peoms and crafts i like question... [more]
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    i had to know
    i kissed a girl to day, i have to know if she had any feelings for me. her kiss was very cold, it felt like i kissed my own sister.yuck … [more]
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    me bad
    i some times feel i,m in love with some one new, but i,m marryed. i have seen jarry springer shows alot. but i feel i,m coursed, because i,m fathful andi,m not the selfishness type to cheat. why do i emtionally feel this wayis there any one who feel they are coured too. … [more]