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I like to laugh and have fun.Looking to chat with open minded feinds who can agree we don't all have the same perspective on life.I'm not here to collect a long freinds list that I could never possibly stay connected with.

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I Have a Confession

I am a contradiction,and always have been.I am easily entertained..yet just as easily bored. I hate to be late,but don't want to be on a schedule.I am not a follower,yet I don't want to lead. i... [more]
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  • I Think We Create Too Many Rules Around Sexuality

    We???? I spent some of my most formative years (17 to 20) in the Army in Germany. I lived off base and had several German freinds. They were uniformly mystified at how uptight Americans were about s… [more]
  • I Love Coffee

    With A Freind Although I enjoy the serenity of that 1st cup by myself..Sharing morning coffee with a good Special.. Thank you my freind.… [more]
  • I Battle Depression and Anxiety

    I No Longer Battle It. I've Learned To Accept It And Deal With It. A long road to travel.Mostly alone because noone understands what you are going through. Mine started in prepubescence. Unexplained dread of going to school. I would play sick to stay home. Feeling li… [more]
  • I Love Sitting Around a Campfire

    Mesmerizing Something about the embers glowing is mesmerizing to me. I can get lost in thought for hrs. just staring , feeding ,and poking at it. Whether at the lake,in the firepit on the deck,or the fireplace in… [more]
  • Christmas Day

    Posted on: December 25th, 2012 at 7:56AM

       Since getting out of the Army I have never missed a Christmas at home. Whether I was working Construction in Nevada ,or on the road in a truck, my kids always knew that Dad would make it home for Christmas. We had FamiltyChristmas on Saturday this year. I guess I have finally succumed to adjusting the Holiday to fit our schedule as opposed to fitting the schedule to the Holiday.   I'm sitting here alone on Christmas Day sticking to my guns about working Christmas everyone else works. Hmmmm.  I sense some irony there.:)  I'm not depressed or feeling lonely. Thanks to the internet I have talked to my adopted son stationed inGermany. My oldest and his family in Phoenix as t… [more]