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I Have Always Wanted To Be In Actress Even Since I Was A Child

I Was A Little Girl In Full Dress.! In Many Movies, (an Extra,) "just One Of The Girl's." though I was born a Boy, (Male.) I was raised to be a Girl;  "because I have just loved wearing Girl's Clothes," so much more then Boy's, things...!being that the other Girl's on my Street... [more]
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  • I Enjoy Diapers

    I Was Put Into Diapers Until I Was The Age Of 17; because Icould not to Stay Dry (at night,) until I was 16 or 17, I would be put into three thick Clothe Diapers every night,..! was to wear a Diaper thru the day until age: 7, when I c… [more]
  • I Want a Job Where I Dress As a Little Sissy Girl

    If I Could Just Be A Little Sissy-girl, And Get To Wear Pretty Full Dresses I feel that if I could just have a position "of work" where I could wear such lovely Baby Doll Dress'es, wearing three Petticoats and a full Circle Pink Dress.  with lots of pretty lace Ruff… [more]
  • I Wish I Had A Girlfriend That Accepts Me Being Feminine

    My Female Accquaintance And I Were Real Girlfriend's; we first met at the office, when asked me if I were a Girl, what name would I wish to be known by..? what would I like for her to call me..?  I said, well..... I have really liked the Name R… [more]
  • I Love Lace Petticoats

    Why I Love The Chiffon Petticoats Most.! I love the Chiffon Petticoats the most.. (big Smiling Girl in Full Circle Dress.)  love how it all bounces, and sways; helps the Skirts to lift just a little; … [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I am Transgender,! my Girlfriend wants me to wear her mothers Bridal Dress, She wants to wear a Tux..? "I'm all Petticoated"
    it seem's silly to me, well at first it did.? that my Girlfriend "whom is more of a Tom Boy,? any way.!" asked me if I would love to wear her Mother's Wedding Dress..? because it just might fit me better, then it would have fit her..! and saying... that She had never really liked wearing a Dress, or even full Skirt..! in fact ... that She had only had two Dresses on in her life.! for her Naming & Blessing at the Chuech; after born... then for her grand Parents funeral..! as it seem'ed I really did / do love wearing a Dress, full Circle Skirt's, and most of all, Petticoats.. :) Panty, Bloomers, sox, with lacy trimming. long Slip's, a Brazzear, high heel's, (well 2" to 3… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    I wish to Dress-up with other Cross Dressing "Transgender Girl's"
    is their some where. that us Gurl's can / do get together, for a party, Pagent Style of Party...?    to Come to a Place..? Hotel, Motel, Convention Center, that all are Cross Dresser's or Transdgender People.?  that wish to get together, with other's...?      as kind-of a yearly Support Group.? to be/ become the very Best Female, (Female Impersonator)  living in our Life style, that we can be..?  I heard of a group that meet's in the confederacy. ( Georgia, Alabama, ect) something with magnolia's...?  I wish to be Welcome to come, learn and be apart of this group.??   maybe their could be others "real Girl's" that wish to help us to become more realistic. more convincing, more real like..?  … [more]
  • School Confessions

    when I was in grade school.& Jr.High. I offen would go into the girl's room.
    this week, as I was remembering my days in Gramer School. and jr. high,  I would offen go into the girl's room to go potty, with the girl's;though some of them thought this cute.?    most  did not;  at one point, while in the fifth grade, I went in, just before recess, hoping a girl wouldcome in, to potty, and she would let me watch ..? (I still wish to know from where their uria come's out from..?)   not really interested in seeing herlabia, or her "vagina."  I like seeing the girl's Panty.! with her pants pulled down. / or while her Skirts are pullled up.? naturally I was taken to see the school councelor, then the vice Princable.!  that time in the 5th Grade.     and when in the 7th grade… [more]