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  • a little Native American (Creek Indian)
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I Have a Confession

While you're sitting there waiting on some other random people to comment on your confession or story or question, comment on someone elses. How are we supposed to know if we're alone or not? People... [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    Is This What Depression Feels Like? I've been diagnosed with depression and anxiety for four, going on five years. Out of those four years I've never felt like this. Tears are streaming from my eyes, one after another. They gathe… [more]
  • I Am a Self Injurer

    Unexpected Truth My birthday came and went early March. I got a package in the mail from my grandmother that held a couple books. She was always like that. Sending a rosary or books or paint. Something grandmother-y. … [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    Real Reasons I feel there is a fine line between a normal 'healthy' life, and the one that I am living. I want to be better, I know it, but can't. I know why too. I know why and still can't change. It's been four… [more]
  • I Am a Self Injurer

    What I Can't Tell My Mom The following story is only a portion of my pain. I'd appreciate it if you read it because it needs to be said. There's no going back. The only way out is forward. I smoked my first joint… [more]