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What part of I DON'T ADD MEN!!! do you clowns not understand?

I DON'T ADD MEN. I graduated from college May 12, 2012. Was spanked to 16. Would love to talk to other girls and women and share spanking experiences. No men. phoebe_lv91 on yahoo messenger.

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I Was Spanked In My Teen Years

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  • I Was Spanked In My Teen Years

    The Dreaded Skirt Up Spanking Preparation One of the most horrible ways to get the lecture before a spanking is while holding your skirt up high with panties already down. This is a yahoo messenger conversation I had where two women describe … [more]
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  • Hated Spankings - Like to Share Experiences Though

    Posted on: September 11th, 2011 at 7:32PM

    I am 23 and live in Las Vegas. Graduated from college May 12, 2012. I was spanked until I was 16 1/2 on the bare butt with a big wooden hairbrush. Fortunately not too often after 14. I never had anybody to talk to about it until I got on the internet at 15 and was amazed to find the yahoo groups and other girls talking about what real spankings were like for them. I found it interesting to hear about all the procedure and methods and how they felt about. Most of all I for the first time felt not so all alone. When I discovered yahoo messenger I found I could talk to them one on one. Since then in the last 5 years I have talked to hundreds of girls and women from 52 countries about their span… [more]