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New York City area... Looking for creative friends. Very openminded. Women or men...

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I Have a Confession

My 2 shih-tzu's more than I love people. That's sad huh? Says a lot for the human race *thumbs down* [more]
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  • I Had An Abortion

    5 Weeks. I was in a relationship with a man and he cheated on me. Later I found out I was pregnant. I live with my mom and she gave me an ultimatum. Either I abort or keep the baby and leave. I felt beyond pre… [more]
  • I Like Older Guys

    Exactly Why I Like Older Men. Now, I am 21... Older in MY eyes is 30-40, I have been treated with way more respect and even taken seriously. As opposed to "BOYS" my age. Honestly I would take an older man over a young buck anyday.… [more]
  • I Love Hispanic Men

    Sazon. Now please don't think off me as racist or someone who isn't willing to try out new things. I personally LOVE Dominican men. Hispanic men in general. I myself am half colombian half irish. I really fi… [more]
  • I Am a Capricorn

    January 3rd Should Be A National Holiday Because I graced this earth. :) Capricorn to the soles of my feet to the tallest hair on my head. I love my zodiac sign. We can be very AMBITIOUS and PATIENT. Being a Capricorn makes me happy haha… [more]