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Bubbly ( called a physco) sometimes depressed

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  • a little African American
  • and a little Scottish
  • and a little Native American (Cherokee)
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I Love The Scent Of Men

Yummy (= O =) I really think I am starting to be attracted to scent. I use to like a boy who people said he would smell horrible. I really didn't want to be the girl who "likes" him, I was only 10 dammit I don't... [more]
  • I Hate My Friends

    I Hate My Friends I hate them. They're boring as ****, and I'm not that type of person who judges peoples looks but how they push I want to say they're ugly as ****. My "best friend" is a fat ***** who says eveything I… [more]
  • I Am Tired of Being Fat

    Those Damn Pants Its 4:29 in the f***ing morning. I'm supposed to go to a anime convention today. Those damn pants why can't I fit them. Id do anything to fit them. I lost all the wieght I was supposed to and now they… [more]
  • I Have Weird Dreams

    Wow.... Well my dream was about this guy I went with over the summer last year. I truly felt scared and weirded out near him cause he would try to force to do things I didn't want to. Well my dream was I was… [more]
  • I Always Say "im Fine"

    Don't Talk To Me I never I had it easy, I'm 5'8 , shy, anime lover , and I stand out from the crowd with my ******** socks, yellow leggings and light blue hoodie. I've been bullied all my life. I even thought of endin… [more]