Looking "for a Lady". Must "Be Feminine" ( in her clothing), ACCEPTING "of femininity" in her man and Will "follow her man" IN the direction HE wants to go In Life.

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Favorite Quote "Injustice ANYWHERE Is A Threat To Justice EVERYWHERE." Martin Luther King
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Vices lingerie,femininity,sex (Is "music" a vice ? Seeking "Gods' Righteousness" ??)
Special day 3-3
Books The Holy Bible.
Music George Harrison,Moody Blues,Yes,Pink Floyd,Paul Mc Cartney,barry manilow,diana krall,tony bennett,ELO,Boston,Queen,Supertramp,ABBA,Neil Diamond,Don Henley,Steven Geogieu,Carly Simon,Cyndi Lauper,CSNY.
Movies somewhere in time; H. G. Wells 'The Time Machine'.
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  • Family Confessions

    I "confess" I Have SERIOUS "Misgivings" NOW.....
    ...that 'An Act' I did 10 (?) years ago "out of love" WAS 'The Right Thing To Do'. My Life "now" is SO MISERABLE....with NO END "to the misery" In Sight..... That I "harbor" DEEP REGRETS for this So-Called "Act of Love".… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Can You "see" The REAL me? Can you ? CAN YOU ??
    I LIVE a life "in public" AS A MALE. TOO Afraid "of the consequences" To live "as my REAL self". AS A "Female Being". I "tried" ONCE; in my thirties. It was DISASTEROUS. I was NOT "understood" OR "loved" BY ANYONE. (Tolerated and Accepted; YES. But WITHOUT "Love" and "Understanding", Tolerance and Acceptance LEAD NOWHERE.) Besides, I have certain "Religious" CONVICTIONS; which Prohibit ME "from behaving FEMININE In Public'. (In "private", though, WITH a Loving and Understanding "Lady"; I can "live' with THAT.)… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    My failure as a Human Being.
    I confess to YOU- Almighty God- that I am NOTHING 'Without' YOU. … [more]