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Listening to FFDP and writing in "under the full eclipse"

First, I am me. I've gotten used to it, I hope you can too.
What defines me?
How do I behave?
What drives me?
Why do I Live?
What are my goals?
What do I love?
Questions that need answering, unfortunately, they cannot for I am human. I am constantly changing along with life's little quirks that she throws at you, mostly because of stupid decisions that I have made. I can only answer for the present because that is all I have. Past is dead and I can only hope to better in the future. I consider myself somewhat of an odd duck. I can go from the most darkly brooding figure in the corner, to the uttermost goofball within a blink. I like to think I’m somewhat attractive, hopefully in more ways than one. My taste in literature is a picture of the full spectrum. From ancient tales of valor to dark satires of the greats. From Shakespeare to Keats and Longfellow. Oscar Wilde is a frequent guest to my bedside, along with Poe. and many, many others.
Movies are the same. From Aliens taking over the planet to a lost love. Music is not a pastime or a want, Music is life. Is need. Music moves the masses to passion or despair.
I like to think myself as someone who takes a little from everywhere, but not to much, and combines it to create, something. Caffeine is my drug of choice.
What I know that I am, is a romantic, someone who sees the good in all people even if it really isn’t there. I’m the kinda guy who loves pressure, the kind who holds it all in and takes everyone else’s problems and tries to play Hero. then it’s over and I fall. When I fall it’s hard, like bone shards shredding through skin impact. that kind of hard. Then we get up again and go on, still trying to be the Hero.
I am competitive, a leader, a man, a confused boy. I am Love, I am Passion, I am Hate, Despair is also a regular at my little lemonade stand. I am man.
My goal in my short vapor of a life is to make you think, evoke you to feeling, and ultimately point you to Christ. you are the most important person on this planet to me, I can only pray that when I fall, I don’t bring you with me.
I am whatever you need me to be.
I am heartbroken.
I am man.
I am Me

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  • a little Irish
  • and a little Hungarian
  • and a little German (Hessian)
  • and a little Native American
Vices I\'ve got vices like any other man, vices that I\'m so used to,
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