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I Hide My Depression From Everyone Who Knows Me

Wounds As we go through life, we suffer many wounds. These wounds can be mental. emotional, physically, or anyother type.. They may be shallow or deep wounds. The wounds that we have only make us stronger... [more]
  • I Fight Depression and Loneliness Everyday

    Who I Am. You ask me who i am and i will answer with this. I am the face that is forgotten, My name that is not spoken, I am the person that time forgot, I am the one that people … [more]
  • I Hide My Depression From Everyone Who Knows Me

    A Friends Help I have a friends that i talk to on a regular basis. He has helped alot since we meet. I am jusst rembering some of his words and thought that i would share them with you. He told me once " All woulds … [more]
  • I Battle Depression

    My Depression My depression started when i was five years old. I know that its had to beleive. i was in foster homes since i was 3 years old and was always sad. I always stayed and played by myself even tho i had m… [more]
  • I F You Could Change One Thing What Would It Be

    I Would Change My Childhood i would want to change my childhoo because i was taken from my biological mother at the age of 3 and placed into foster care. I went through many different home. during that time i went through alot o… [more]