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nervous test tommrow

I love animals i use to train a rabbit i play guitar and have a ton of of spunk

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I Had A Dream

I have haf many tornadoe the dreams but the coolest one is my freind was there and we werevwarbed about a tornadoe and were on vacation but the basenent became crowed so i went to a shelter at some... [more]
  • I Had Surgery

    Many Years Worth Of Pain Gone From Arthoscopic Surgery I am 16 years old and suffered a lot of pain in both of my knees. It all started in the one knee that got dislocated in the pool from kicking hard. I didnt think of anything at first so went back swim… [more]
  • I Love Rabbits

    Saint Rabbit I had a rabbit for 8 years. I never knew a rabbit could be so much like a dog following me chasing my cat and jumping up waching tv with me. Years passed he was getting up there. He always made pepole… [more]
  • I Never Give Up, I Never Quit

    This is for people who are going to give up in life, school or just about anything. I don't know what your going through but I know I struggled and I almost gave up but I didn't. This is my story … [more]