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I love animals i use to train a rabbit i play guitar and have a ton of of spunk

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I Never Give Up, I Never Quit

This is for people who are going to give up in life, school or just about anything. I don't know what your going through but I know I struggled and I almost gave up but I didn't. This is my story [more]
  • I Had Surgery

    Many Years Worth Of Pain Gone From Arthoscopic Surgery I am 16 years old and suffered a lot of pain in both of my knees. It all started in the one knee that got dislocated in the pool from kicking hard. I didnt think of anything at first so went back swim… [more]
  • I Love Rabbits

    Saint Rabbit I had a rabbit for 8 years. I never knew a rabbit could be so much like a dog following me chasing my cat and jumping up waching tv with me. Years passed he was getting up there. He always made pepole… [more]
  • my rabbit

    Posted on: October 31st, 2012 at 1:37PM

    I had a rabbit named sherey we just called him bunny. He was the most sweetest rabbit i ever had. I never new he would be so much like a dog jumping up on the couch saying hello , chasing our cat and other cats and following me around. He was my best freind we did everything together went out to places and he made people on the street happy like this girl that was in a weelchair. He made me even more happy when my parents always nagged at me about something. Years passed he started getting old and couldent clean himself and poop kept getting stuck i tried cleaning it off everyday but flys got to him and we knew it was time. In the vets office me in tears but we knew it was time before they g… [more]