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I'm just a regular depressed anxious teenager. Suprise.

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I Love Workaholics

I Love This! Workaholics is the best DAMN whole in the whole world. Just sayin. Thats what I watch when I'm sad. [more]
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    I use to come on here a lot. I would make friends with people I didn't know and enjoy myself. I haven't come on in about 5 or 6 months. So it's been a while, so excuse my writing if it's a little rusty. But here we go, so I am really trying to uphold a semi-normal life. With regular friends, alright grades, and alright looks. But I can't. It's impossible, I'm losing all my friends slowly but I am. I don't sleep anymore, like ever, it's very rare. I'm failing classes, more and more every month. And we can't afford summer school, so I can't graduate with my friends. I have a horrible eating problem. I don't ever eat cause I feel fat. Even though I weigh 102 pounds I still do. And I cake on mak… [more]
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    Worst. Weekend. Ever.
    This weekend I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. Sunday night I had a panic attack, the worst one Iv'e ever had. I couldn't breathe or stop shaking. Pleasee help me. I feel like my body is decomposing.… [more]
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    My parents are too religious.
    My parents are always trying to lead my to be someone who I dont want to be. A christian. I dont hate the idea of it, its just another thing to pile on me. Im not an atheiest, or coexist, or catholic, or anything, At least not now. Its just no something I want right now.… [more]
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    Hey, so if any of you guys wanna follow me on tumblr that'd be super amazing, my url is , thanks!… [more]