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What if we measured time by the intervals between which we saw people we rarely see, making those intervals the "day"?

I am....someone who has never liked to party. I like quiet fun time with people. Small groups are fine, but music and TV ain't my thing(s). I love the idea of video games, but in practice, even with the volume turned all the way down, they give me a headache (now that my nose hurts all the time).

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  • a little Italian
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Books Just ordered some large print books. One written by former President Carter, the other Walden (to learn how to be a better recluse)
Music Gahhhh I hate music
Movies Movies are a million times worse than music
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I Have a Confession

How am I supposed to sit here, smelling the steaming broccoli, and not attack it before it's perfectly ready? I am considering eating a veggie burger with mustard to divert my attention while I wait... [more]
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