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I'm me, God's God, and Buddha's Buddha. C'est la vie.

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I Have Lost Faith In People

Not All like everyone else in this group. In fact, I'd bet everyone in this group still retains their faith in each other, if for nothing else than the mutual misanthropy. I've always been of the... [more]
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    A Sadhu "you wear clothes. we just cover our bodies in ash."… [more]
  • I Wonder If a Straight Guy Can Fall For His Gay Best Friend

    Yeah. he's just so damn cute. he reminds me of myself, and that's why I like him. narcissism. it always comes back down to my ego... I dream of dominating him, but really it's just me trying to… [more]
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    Swollen Knuckles I don't even remember why I was mad, and my hand doesn't really hurt so bad.… [more]
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    Like The Month We never seek help. I've never been diagnosed, but I'm smart enough to figure it out on my own. Hence the disorder... Push people away because you don't need them, and they don't need you… [more]
  • on my name

    Posted on: September 21st, 2010 at 12:36PM

    Pratyekayana. I dropped the last "a" somewhere. If you see it, let me know ASAP. or maybe NAACP. Sanskrit for "private vehicle". Schools of Buddhism are generally referred to as "vehicles" towards enlightenment. For instance, Mahayana is named for the Diamond Sutra and means "diamond vehicle". A true pratyekayana is a buddha which arises in an age where the Three Jewels are gone. The Three Jewels are the Buddha, the Dharma (teaching), and the Songha (community). Thus a private buddha who attains his enlightenment totally from within. I've done a lot of reading and thinking on my own. Some of what I say may sound strange or even contradictory, but know that I say nothing without meaning. … [more]