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I Was Adopted

Life For the most part I am very thankful where my life has has ups and downs like everyones life when I was 3 I was taken from my birth birth family due to abuse and my dad was... [more]
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  • Venting Confessions

    Why do people steal credit card number and use your damn cards..thats bs...and so not right..I had like 500 bucks worth of pending charges on my credit card..thank god the company is good and took the charges off...but I shut it down so nobody can use it..just ****** u off that damn people can't get a job and pay for there own ****… [more]
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    the best feeling
    When I went into foster care I just had the clothes on my back...and now that I am 26 I have been donating new clothes to the adoption agency that I was adopted from..its a good feeling knowing that you are helping people you can relate too. Now I started entering coke rewards and getting gift certifcates to and  buying the kids backpacks too :) It doesn't take that much time to enter coke caps and at the end of the day its worth I got people at work giving me there caps too..the more I can donate the better :) love life… [more]
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    best friends or not
    I thought I had a wonderful best friend..we have been friends for 6 1/2 her to death...i heard all these rumors she was prego and even asked her and she never would answer the quetion and usually just have some excuse why she had to get off the phone. With are work schedules its hard to see each other much. But I finally see her yesterday and you could tel the rumors were right and I was just waiting for her to tell me...and she didnt even someone else did that we both know..damn that hurt...and then finally she says she is going to give the kid up for adoption b/c there is no way she can finacially support some family she doesnt even tho..sorta hurts b/c she knows how much … [more]
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    when u stop talking
    It is so annoying when ur having a good conversation with someone and they just drop off the face of the Earth...sorry man up and admitt u dont want to talk..b/c thats just plain rudeor when u talk to someone and they see ur pic and stop talking..really ur that sad..get a frickin life...ur not the hottest man in the world and have repsect for other  people..… [more]