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i am often horny

i am tall young lady and i have blond and blue eyes and i have to wear glasses and in a relationship and i love my boyfriend a lot

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Things I Tell My Mother i tell my mother that i was adopted because i dont look like any one in my family and i never will so i dont get it so i tell her well i must have been adopted she just says that i wasnt but then if i... [more]
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    Men Who Just Want To Get In Your Pants i had a guy down in new brunswick that just wanted me for nothing else but he told me he wanted to date me and that i was sexy and cute he even called me cutie and later on i found out it was all bu… [more]
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    I Want To Try A Girl i want to try a girl but cant find one i would love to go on web cam with one then go farther with her if she wants to i would play with my ***** over webcam while she is playing with hers and so on … [more]
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    Gowing Up All My Life My Mother Told Me my mother has always told me that i am ugly but yet other people tell me i am pretty what am i supose to believe… [more]
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    How Can People Think some people tell me that i should not be with who i am with but i dont care what they say because it is my life and my chose any ways my mother thinks she can choose who i date and who i dont date w… [more]