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i'm a very fun person and i'm easy to get along with and i am also bisexual if u want to know more about me then just ask ^.^

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Books i don't really have a favorite book but i have a favorite series which is house of night
Music I love all types of music
Movies My favorite movie is titanic
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I Remember Michael Jackson

I Remember Him it's funny because i was never really into michael jackson but my mom loves him now and she always has! i guess i've always liked him but i just never really listened to his music does that make sense... [more]
  • I Love Chris Brown

    Chris Brown:my Role Model I have always loved Chris Brown and that will never choange. He has been in my life since i was little so its hard for me to give him up. I talk about Chris Brown soooooo much that my dad can't stand … [more]
  • I Am Bi

    Just Thought You Should Know ^_^  yes i am. I'M BISEXUAL! i just wanted to tell everyone cause if you want to get to know me then you need to know............. I've been this way for as long as i can remember.....… [more]
  • I Feel Like I Cant Talk To My Family About Anything

    Alone But Not Alone I feel as though i can't talk to my family about anything. I remember this one time i told my sister that i was bi and she totally freaked out and wouldn't speak to me for a long time. Whenever i try… [more]
  • I Write a Lot

    Walk Into Darkness    She walks   Just to find know one standing their    alone........................     Know one knows her pain     Just walking into darkness  … [more]