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I Have a Confession

I like the taste of people... Should i [more]
  • I Think All Boys Should Wears Dresses And Skirts

    It Happened On The Day In 1 of my schools to celebrate woman's day all the males had to wear the females clothes I found it great as some of the boys the next day stayed as a girl. 1 of the bullies made fun of how I chose t… [more]
  • I Go Out Crossdressed

    My Years I have been a girl for 7yrs now and people don't notice I a boy. Sometimes I forget the gender I really am and I in my current schools gymnastic team. They want my new home in the area so I can stay a… [more]
  • I Am Planning to Start An Orphanage

    Another Needed My foster parents got divorced and they sent me back to a orphanage. After all I did for them! O well its not as if its a change I've had loads of ppl who "tried" but some of them were bad and some o… [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    What Am I? I don't change but I feel that I'm not completely human. I've always been different. I 1st knew when I climbed my dad when I was 2. Then there was the communication with other animals. In year 5 some … [more]