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discribed in bio/story, i was born a boy but i have a small curse... i can fully turn into a girl at will.... everything...

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I Was Kidnapped As A Kid

It’s been over nine years since I was kidnapped and turned into a pet. After I opened up to my first wife on Halloween she told me it might help me to right down everything that happened in those... [more]
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  • I Lost My Virginity To Rape

    My Personal Hell im a 16 year old boy and when i was 7 my parents were killed, a month after i turned 8 i was taken away by some cult... they branded me and after a little "training" they made me a loyal dog.... they … [more]
  • I Am A Teenage Father

    My Lovely Daughters I am a 16 year old with 5 daughters, ages 7,8,16,22, and 24 i dont remember how i got them. But names and ages will be put below. Cereza is my blood daughter, she was born when i was 10 or 11 by my fi… [more]
  • I Am An Outcast

    My Bio Written By The Queen I Serve...... I Am Only 16 Yrs Old....... Jackie is the Head of the Bloodlust and Phantomhive noble families. Notoriously known as the Queens Watchdog. He is employed by the D.O.W. (Department of occult Warfare) as a Lieutenant Colonel. He is… [more]
  • I Am a Witch

    Umbra Prince I am the Prince of the Umbra witch clan in Europe, after the clan wars and the humans hunting us mostly down our numbers have dropped dramatically. The Queen is my first wife and the mother of my blo… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    My butler is a great man
    Thank you Sebastian.... and thank you for the drink... youve been my greatest ally and... and... youve been... my only best friend... even when i never believed in myself or thought i was useless you made me... made me belive in myself... thank you... for being my servant, my bodygaurd, my friend.... Sebastian...Bloodlust ... Michaelis....i.. love you....:,) thank you for everything, i can never fully repay you....… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Ten years...
    10 years... its been almost ten years since i buried my parents, my dog... people ask me why are you so cold? Why do you insist on slaughtering them. Why do you act like a monster.... ten years of screaming, the smell of the manor burning... the look in Scarletts eyes when Vincentt broke her....the sound of me having to break the family ring off my fathers charred finger.... i cant go a day without stareing at the walls of the manor and wondering why... why did i have to make it... why did i suffer so much.... i keep the burnt family picture in my pocket... wisheing i could have died with them, and taking it out on everyone around me. Screaming at them to die for what they did and keep slici… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Nightmares and needs someone to talk to
    i keep having the same nightmare.... its more like a memory it is actualy... im outside playing with my sister and my two older brothers while my servants and parents giggle and watch me and sis roll around. after a few minutes everything fades except for me, my home is on fire agian and the screams of my parents echo in my head.... my dog stumbles out to me on fire and drop sat my feet... i scream for my parents but my brothers sister and servants hold me back. it jumps forward a year to when i was 8. when i got kidnapped by that cult, then i have to relive begin raped and beaten and getting that brand all over again.... then i find out my brothers are dead and then the thing that makes me … [more]
  • Revenge Confessions

    New assighnment
    i just got back from a funeral... i was requested by her majesty and then i was told why i was so badly needed... a middle school girl was raped by a group of men she was meeting at an offline meeting, she then killed herself and that was her funeral... her majesty requests i find these men and either bring them in...or kill them the choice is mine to make...she knows which one ill choose...either way i will find them and hell is the least of there worries right humans disgust me... your the lowest forms of life... you rape your own, you kill your own.... you steal, trick and deceive.... none of you deserve to live... i hate living in this world... why believe in heaven...when wer… [more]