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I ******* Love A Good Game Of Rugby All Blacks Baby

Bloody Aussies! The aussies only just escasped defeat over the welsh last night! And they were looking real beat up once the game was over lol [more]
PrincePolo has shared 10 Mature Experiences
  • I Remember My First Kiss

    My First Kiss. Ok so I was on a scout camp 14 years old, it was for scouts who were about to level up into the next step called venturers. By this time they had long allowed girls into scouts(yey I thought when it h… [more]
  • I Strive For Excellence But Fail to Achive It

    I Dont Mind I dont mind that i hardly ever hit the mark I aimed for, unless it was well below lol. at least im always aiming higher then one day everything will line up correctly and I will hit my target and it w… [more]
  • I Seek Determination

    The World. Determination is the only ting that seperates me from the rest of the world. Determination is such and important thing to have, somethimes I get worried that I dont have enough of it. Man things like … [more]
  • I Failed a Grade

    Wasted Time I left high school when I was 14, I left with nothing to back me up. i was failing anywyas and the teachers diddnt give a ****. But thats ok Im back at school making up for it lol.And its … [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Struggleing to get over it
    There was a massive earth quake in my city last year, it killed 188 approx people, I knew one of them but I wasnt close to him i just knew him through association. Everyone seems to be moving on really well but i know that Im struggling. The quake wipped out half of our city, im remeinded of it every where I go the damage is every where and on everything. This sucks, i wish it never happened and I struggle to remember what life was like before it happened. Weve experianced almost 2 years of erthquakes, scary life interupting quakes, I doubt its ever gonna stop. I dont know when life will be normal again and I worry that it never will be. Just sick of wondering if im gonna die today.… [more]