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I do not even know myself.

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  • Venting Confessions

    never enough right?
    I have come to realize that nothing i do will be good enough for my family. The ones that are suppose to always have my back have always been the ones kicking me while im down. I feel like they never want anything to do with me unless i have money. I am tired of giving everyone my all i am tired of being the nice person. i do not even know who i am anymore. I have lost all respect for myself. I am a living breathing robot. What do you do when you are tird of being you?… [more]
  • Venting Confessions

    Amanda Todd
    Omg im sick of hearing about this girl. Do people that are saying dont bully look at what amanda did not realize that amandas friends and family have been verbally attacking the poor boy ever since she decided to kill herself. I mean hello nobody forced amanda to send him pictures **** and he sure didnt force her to kill herself she is an american which means she has freedom so she mad those choices nobody but her. Dont get me wrong im 100% against bullying but it just ****** me off when people bully other people for bullying someone I just wanna be like dude stfu you are doing the same damn thing ughhh bullying does not lead to death it leads to someone getting their feelings hurt then that… [more]