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About ❤~❤❤~❤~❤❤~❤~❤❤~❤~❤❤~❤ o(n_n)o Hi❤I just wanted to tell you just a little about ❤myself❤.My name is Serena im 17 now yippy*(n_n)* .I'm half Chinese and half Japenese! parants and my 6 sisters and 2 brothers "yes i have a large family" are born in United kingdom guess that makes us british chinese:-) but the rest of my relatives live in Shanghai, China and Japan.I get on with most people and be happy to make many nice new friendships here to "all i ask is all them pervs out there,please leave me alone as i won't be interested in perverted games or interests..or perverted sex chats.I'm told im very friendly and very humble and i treat friends like thay are my real brothers and sisters - so please be friend.I don't discriminate people as i have my own issues i think discrimination is very bad the prejudicial treatment of an individual or individuals based on their membership in a certain group or category that they belong to. I need for life long hormone treatment my world moves in gender diverse circles, making many many nice friends along the way.Life is a different journey for all of us and yet,when we are willing to share with others,I find most lives are really not all that different after all from mine.I struggle with being me this intermediate person and hold great admiration of those who are able to brake free from the shackles of life.I love both my culctures and into our myths and legends and stories..So i be posting many stories from our culture.I like Anime,Manga,and AMVS.
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Favorite Quote “No matter how small the potential that we have,which is important how well we control our own potential.”
  • a little Chinese
  • and a little Japanese
Special day 3-25
Books Ghostgirl.Harry Potter.Make Up.Ghost stories.
Music Alicia Keys. Baek Ji Young 白智英.12Girl Band.Mariah Carey.Mariah Carey.Rihanna.Justin Timberlake.Britney Spears.many more o(n_n)o
Movies A Cinderella Story. Pirates of the Caribbean. Avatar.Disney.Shrek.Harry Potter.Titanic
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